PAR 4:


Immerse yourself into the secrets of traditional medicine and healing

4 Days/3 Nights


Day 1: Explore the city of Jogjakarta – Traditional medicine (Jamu) – Discussion

The vibrant city of Jogjakarta attracts you in the morning, with its lively mix of ancient traditions and modern life. In a traditional manufacturing facility of traditional medicine, you’ll get your first introduction into Javanese plant-based medicine, followed by a sample. The culturally important Sonobudoyo Museum, the silent Royal Mosque, the ancient Sultan's Palace, called the Kraton, and other places of interest give you an impression of this fascinating city. Afterwards you have the opportunity to discuss with a medical student about his studies.


Day 2: Prehistoric volcano Nglanggeran - South coast of the Indian Ocean

Start your day at 8am with a trip to the prehistoric volcano Nglanggelaran and climb the summit (easy climb of about 30 minutes). Here you have the opportunity to meditate near a volcanic rock at a sacred place in a natural environment. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Merapi volcano, the city of Jogjakarta, as well as the rice fields and villages below. Continue to a village where beautiful carved wooden masks from the mask-making tradition called Wayang topeng are made.
Afterwards, you’ll drive to the tomb of the founder of the Mataram Dynasty, (Kyai Giring Cemetery). Continue to a beach where you can taste freshly caught fish from the sea. Enjoy the fascinating sights overlooking the Indian Ocean.
In the evening dusk, meditate at an ancient Vishnu shrine, the last Hindu Buddhist king of the Majapahit era of Java, Brawijaya V. At low tide go down to the beach to a natural freshwater source in the middle of the sea. (TirtaYatra).

Day 3: Javanese healing methods

On this day, visit a traditional healer and talk with him. Practice the traditional Javanese approach to the human body, diseases, as well as the balance of health through touch (massage and acupressure), natural remedies (jamu) and energy work (inner power, prana energy)..


Day 4: Visit to a village project - SPA

On this day you’ll visit a project of the Bethesda Hospital to improve public health care. In this village, a large proportion of women devote themselves to the production of Jamu. You’ll get an introduction to the various medicinal plants in a garden, as well as their different processing methods. Then visit a health center.
Optional: To relax, let yourself be rubbed and massaged with herbs and roots according to the secret recipe of the Royal Palace.


End of program  

This program can be modified, shortened or extended according to your personal interests and wishes. Just let us know your preferences.

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