PAR 9:


Indonesia's guiding principle: unity in diversity

3 Days/ 2 Nights


Day 1: City tour – Kejawen - Islam - Catholic Church - Hindu Prambanan

Immerse yourself in the bustling city of Jogjakarta and get to know the city and its various religious sites. First visit the Sultan’s Palace or Kraton built in 1757 with its unique fusion of Hinduism, mysticism and Islam. In the adjoining royal mosque, you’ll witness a splendid ancient site. Then visit a Catholic church.
After lunch, you continue to the Hindu worship temple and to the Hindu temple complex of Prambanan, where the Buddhist temple, Candi Sewu is also located. Return to Yogyakarta.

Day 2: Borobudur - Mendut - Buddhist monastery – Holy Mary Worship place

In the early morning at 6 o’clock you drive to an abode of the gods on top of a hill chain with a view of the surrounding volcanoes of Central Java. This is also a sacred place for the Javanese, who practice Kejawen, the ancient religion of Java. With your guide you can see various sacred places in the area such as meditation caves etc. Then drive down to Borobudur. If you are interested, you can also take a hike of about 2 hours to Borobudur downhill. Then visit the Buddhist Temple of Borobudur.
Your way will take you to the Buddhist Monastery at Mendut, where you can meditate upon your request. Take a look at the Mendut Temple.
In this area there is also a Catholic Holy Mary worship shrine. Return to Yogya.

Day 3: Parangtritis Beach - Fountain of Youth - Meditation Cave - Parangkusumo - Confucian Klenteng Temple

In order to avoid the day's heat on the long black sand beach south of Yogyakarta, you drive shortly after sunrise towards the beach. In Parangkusumo you’ll get to know one important place of Kejawen, the Javanese mystical religion where the Sultan met the Queen of the South Sea, and to which the Sultan, even today, makes sacrifices once a year in the form of his used clothes, his hair, and his fingernails. Enjoy a stroll along the long black sand beach. Next, visit the tomb of an Islamic scholar, who helped spread Islam there. Here, too, flower sacrifices are made and many people come to this holy place to fast and meditate. A short walk will take you to the hills where you’ll visit a fountain of Youth and a meditation cave.
After returning to Yogya, visit the Confucian Klenteng Temple.


End of program 

This program can be modified, shortened or extended according to your personal interests and wishes. Just let us know your preferences.

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