PAR 12:


Insights into the life and ways of thinking of Indonesian women

4 Days/3 Nights


Day 1: Visit to Jogjakarta – Hike along the ricefields - Talk with the buruh gendong, the porter women, of the Main Market of Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta - cradle of Javanese art and culture - opens up to you in the morning hours. You stroll around the big market, talk to the market women with your guide, take a look at the kindergarden. You will then have the opportunity to watch how traditional medicine is produced with subsequent tasting.
After lunch in one of the Sultan’s brothers, head towards Merapi Volcano. From here, your hike begins with fertile, greenish shimmering rice fields and other tropical plants to a village.
In the evening, talk with the buruh gendong, the porter women, of the main market in their simple dwelling about their lives, their joys and sorrows.

Day 2: Borobudur – Buddhist Monastery - Visit to a women's organization

At 3.30 am you drive to a hill from which you can view the Borobudur from the bird's eye view, often enveloped in fog. With a little luck, you can experience an impressive sunrise. Afterwards, visit the Borobodur, the majestic Buddhist monument from the 8th/9th century. In the nearby Buddhist monastery at Mendut you can meditate or enjoy the quiet place. Back in Jogja, you meet representatives of a women's organization that helps women in distress. You have the opportunity to discuss current women's issues in Indonesia.
Optional: If desired, you can finish the day under the hands of an experienced masseuse with a mixture of natural ingredients according to the secret recipes of the crust.

Day 3: Royal Cemetery - Batik Cooperative - Parangtritis (Queen of the Southern Sea - Ratu Kidul Places)

In the morning visit the royal tombs of the Sultan’s of Jogjakarta and Solo. 345 steps lead to the impressive cemetery. On three days of the week, the inner walls can also be entered in court clothes, which can be borrowed on the spot.
In a nearby village you have the opportunity to talk with the female representatives of a batik cooperative about their living conditions.
In the afternoon you drive along the banks of the Opak River to the mystical beach of Parangtritis, where, according to ancient faith, Ratu Kidul, the Queen of the Southern Sea, has her subterranean kingdom to whom you can offer sacrifices.
From a high rock you will experience a magnificent ending of the day with a sundowner,looking along the long coastline of Java. Return to Jogja


Day 4: The Art of Batik - Discussion with Expat Women - Ratu Boko Palace

In the morning, try to prepare a wax-painted and colored batik painting, which you can take home with you as a souvenir. Afterwards, meet with representatives of a foreign-Indonesian women's group to discuss topics of your choice. The lunch hours are at your own disposal.
At 3pm, drive to the Ratu Boko Palace and look at the ruins on a vast terrain. Watch the sunset at the restaurant, situated on a hill, overlooking the wide Prambanan plain to the Merapi volcano.


End of program

This program can be modified, shortened or lengthened according to your own personal wishes and interests. Just let us know your preferences.

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