PAR 2:

TROPICAL NATURE AND AGRICULTURE                            

Vivid markets – Agriculture - Traditional Medicine - Tofu processing - Majestic Borobudur

4 Days/3 Nights

Day 1: Main market in Jogja -Tempe processing - Permaculture
On this day you’ll get a first impression of the city of Jogjakarta. In the main market, you’ll be able to explore the endless variety of vegetables, fruits, spices and plants, as well as the roots and leaves of the traditional medicine called jamu. Continue to a traditional home-cookery of soya beans. Then enjoy your lunch at a Permaculture project, set in the hills outside town. The founder will take you over the grounds after lunch. Later, drive to the beach and visit a shrimp farm. Further up on the slopes you have a stunning view along the western coastline of Java and with a hopefully unforgettable sunset.

Day 2: Borobudur - Visit to a village market - Hike - Visit with a peasant family
At 3 o'clock in the morning you drive towards Borobudur. Already in these early morning hours you’ll see how the farmers from the mountain villages sell their goods on the street from large baskets, which are tied to their motorbikes. After a 15-minute hike you reach a hill where, with a little luck, you’ll see a wonderful sunrise. This is often a truly mystical moment with the Borobudur hovering in the mist. Another short walk will take you to the so-called Chicken Church. This church really looks like a chicken, or even like a dove as many people say. Today, this place serves the purpose of reflection. Go into the ”head” of this “bird” and you’ll have a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. At the foot of the Menoreh mountain range, you start a 2.5 hour walk along a river. This area is blessed by nature. After a fascinating hike, be welcomed by a peasant’s family. Return to Jogja.

Day 3: Sukuh and Cetho Temple
Today drive east. Some remarkable Hindu temples lie scattered on the slopes of Mount Lawu. You’ll first visit the Cetho Temple and another small hidden temple in the nearby forest. On the hike from the Cetho to the Sukuh temple, you walk along shining-green tea plantations and extensive vegetable fields, later through forest. Overnight stay in a comfortable country hotel.

Day 4: Sukuh Temple - trek to Tawangmanggu - vegetable market
This morning is reserved for the only so-called Erotic Temple of Java, the Sukuh temple. The architecture reminds us of a Maya temple structure. A 2.5-hour hike leads past vegetable fields and through villages. Talk to the farmers in the fields. Your guide will be happy to assist you. The vegetables are sold at a regional market, which you’ll then visit. Return to Jogja. Or transfer to Solo.


This program can be modified, shortened or extended according to your personal interests and wishes. Just let us know your preferences.

Regarding this program "Tropical nature and agriculture" we can also offer you further tours throughout East Java to Bali. East Java is known for its former Dutch plantations.

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